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I bet this would be super fun to play on the go, like a 2d sonic, and a speed tun will look amazing.

It needs some improvements in the camera section. I stopped playing in the jumping daysies section, I got dizzy from the crazy camera movements. I hope to resume it later.

Reached the end! Really liked it, especially after learning to chain swings after launching off to maintain high speed. I think zooming out the camera a bit, especially at high vertical parts will help a bit with planning routes and maintaining the rush. That and shortcuts being a one-way ticket back to a level with no warning were my biggest issues.

And hi Kyle! Loved the animation!

Saw this at Magfest this year and didn't get a chance to play it there ... but I finally got around to giving it a try and gosh! It's really nice! Really enjoying how whimsical it all is and I'm looking forward to the full thing!

I really enjoyed this! Kirby as hell and chaining those hitchfork dashes is satisfying as all get out. I will say I found having the "speedup dialouge" and "continue dialogue button" bound to different buttons kind of annoying, and I've never been too into the "press down to interact" but those are probably more personal preference than anything. Really looking forward to see this develop!


the gameplay is super fun and the music is amazing but on a ps4 controller is acts as if the square button is the jump button and the attack is circle which is odd but other than that this game is really good, cant wait for it to come out

Ahhhh thank you! Also that's super unfortunate for the PS4 controller. I'm working on custom controls so in the future you'll be able to map the buttons as you need. Sorry it's like that for now.